BoneHead RC carbon FG servo plate

BoneHead RC carbon FG servo plate

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Machined from 100% genuine carbon fibre layered specially to BoneHead-RC specification for an unparalleled match on strength, reliability, and longevity, so your parts look like new year on year, not like other inferior brands using cheap carbon that looks tatty after a matter of weeks.

Upgraded FG Leopard and all onroad cars except EVO4 and Formula 1, this plates been made to suit the Hitec D840 size for the steering and the Hitec 7954 size for the throttle and brake.

Machined from 3mm carbon the weight is just 54g the exact same weight as the 2.5mm alloy type, but these are made to suit your own servos so no drilling your own holes for them to fit or big over sized pockets (air gaps round the servo)

The stock parts like this to fit a multitude of servos but your still limited in servo options if you want bigger servos for steering they just won't fit, if you want smaller servos for the the throttle and brake then you'd need to buy reducers for those to fit so you can end up with a messy looking servo tray.

Any other variant of servos other than listed above can be custom made to suit your requirements, just message via contact us.

Comes with all hardware and fitting kit

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