About us

My name is Dean, founder of BoneHead-RC


Back in 2012 I had bought an HPI Baja 1/5th scale 2 Stoke RC. 

Owning this model for a few years resulted in buying many, many upgrades, most of these “upgrades” turned into downgrades, be it parts not fitting right, not lasting any longer than stock, looked a bit iffy on the machining side or just an outright waste of money. 


Now my background is I’m a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machinist by trade, I’ve been doing this line of work for the last 26 years. 


Started at just 15 years old running manual lathes and manual milling machines, along with other general machine shop work.  


After 5 years I then went on to CNC lathes, just as an operator at first, then started setting these CNC lathes and then programming. 

Long winded type no cad/cam, after 8 years I moved companies, taking my skillset with me, to then work on multi million pound projects producing components for world wide companies upto 300 tons. 


Now fast forward to mid-2016 this is when BoneHead-RC was born, what a year this was, I’d gotten my first personal CNC machine and went about making my own parts, parts that changed the RC world year on year. 


Using my experience and expertise within this field, making components for multi million pound companies, I thought I’d pass this knowledge and passion on, and into my own products giving customers the best upgraded carbon parts on the market.


I mainly machine from top grade 100% carbon fibre, not just any old off the shelf carbon fibre though, carbon that’s layered to my specification for maximum strength, yet still up to 40% lighter than the alloy counterpart like for like. 


It took 3 months of hard graft finding the right layer up, buying test samples from all over the world, then machining and yet more testing, before I’d found that right blend, it’s this unique blend that parts are now made from.


This custom layer up as resulted in an excellent worldwide reputation, and people all over the world know that, BoneHead-RC is the number one choice for your carbon fibre RC upgrades for the models like the HPI baja, Baja drag, Losi 5ive t, MCD, primal dragster, kraken KV5-KV5TT, hybrids, Losi, or primal just to name a few.




Dean @ BoneHead-RC